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We are open for all Classes, Playcare, in-person and virtual training!

We are open for in-person and virtual sessions!

Our Policies

Wellness Policy

In order to attend any of our programs (entering our facility), your puppy or dog must be healthy, and not showing any signs of illness. You must provide current Vaccination records that not have expired.  Up-to-date vaccination records must be submitted to us from both New Students & Current Students in order to remain eligible for any Kathy Santo Dog Training service. Please email us a copy of your dog(s) most recent, and up-to-date, vaccination records (for Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella) to:

If you suspect your puppy or dog is sick, unfortunately we can not permit them access to the Facility.  If your puppy or dog becomes ill during our care, our policy is to contact you immediately, and either bring to the local vet or veterinary ER, or, upon request, we can care for the dog to the best of our ability while you’re on the way to us. In the case of a dog who may be contagious, we will use a quarantine room for isolation purposes.

Package Policy

All [service] packages have NO expiration. You can use them at any time although no refunds can be provided for unused sessions.  You may transfer your sessions to any sibling dog, relative or friend's dog.

Group Class Package Refund Policy

Group Class Packages are non-refundable.   If you need assistance, please email:

PlayCare 'Actively Training' Policy

To remain eligible for Kathy Santo Dog Training's PlayCare program, you and your dog must attended group classes, a 1-1 private lesson, or alternatively, your dog needs to receive training in our FastTrack program within the last 14 days.  This policy is for the safety of your dog and the other dogs to ensure all PlayCare dogs can safely socialize with the other dogs in the Program.

Martingale Collar Policy

ALL PlayCare dogs are required to be wearing a martingale collar when they’re in our facility/in our care.  If you do not have a Martingale Collar, we can sell you one which you can use for all future visits.  We sell them at the school for $15.  Let us know if you’d like us to set your dog up with one and we’re happy to do it.

If you’d rather provide your own martingale collar, please make sure it’s ON your dog as you come in for PlayCare. This includes dogs who wear prong collars or harnesses, because for safety reasons, we don’t let any dog wear those while in a crate, an exercise pen, or while in play groups.

Any dog not wearing a martingale collar will be fitted for one, and your account will be charged $15.00.

If you have questions about this, please email:

Other Martingale Collars That We Like:

To participate in any Kathy Santo Dog Training program, class, training or other services, here or offsite, you hereby explicity and implied agree to the terms and conditions of our Release and Waiver of Liability which can be found by clicking here.