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Private Lessons
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Intensive Board & Train

Student Only

Puppy Boot Camp
Virtual Training
Student Boarding
Therapy Dog Program
Canine Gym
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Private Lessons

Each session is tailored to achieve your specific dog training goals. Whether we’re teaching your dog commands and manners, or solving behavior problems, a private lesson allows our trainers to focus on just you and your dog!

FastTrack Training “Play & Train”

Our popular Student-Only FastTrack program allows you to leave your dog (or puppy!) with us for a day of playing and learning. Our program is designed to progress your dog’s training faster, enrich and advance his social skills, and provide a safe and fun outlet for his excess energy in a supervised environment.

Intensive Board & Train

An effective way to achieve LASTING results FAST, without the stressful kennel atmosphere, because in our program, your dog lives with a trainer! No matter what the age or issue (basic manners, off leash commands, socialization, or challenging behavior challenges), we’ll create a training plan and support you every step of the way!


Puppy Boot Camp

Our Puppy Boot Camp is an overnight program open to puppies between the age of 8 weeks and 6 months. We’ll create a customized training program for his time with us, and get him the critical foundational training he needs to become a well-behaved adult. Plus, because he won’t be spending the night alone in a kennel run, we’ll be able to make a lot of progress on the most important puppy skill of all: Housebreaking!

Virtual Training

Virtual private lessons are available for new and current students who aren’t able to come to our school for in-person training. Our students aren’t just from NJ! They’re from all across the U.S. and the world!

Group Classes for All Levels


Perfect for puppies 8 weeks through 5-6 months of age, our nationally acclaimed, reward-based training system will set you and your puppy up for success! Your puppy will learn foundational obedience commands, impulse control, and proper socializing with fellow classmates. Each class will also have Q&A time, to help solve your specific behavior challenges. Our training methods promote a strong puppy-owner bond, and help transform a “Gimme! Gimme!” puppy into “Please, may I?”

Graduates of Puppy Class are encouraged to attend Puppy II or Beginner I for more advanced skills and problem-solving.

Puppy II

Graduates of Puppy 1 *or* puppies who have had prior training will find this curriculum advances the skills they’ve already learned. We’ll add new commands and advance the ones they already know while continuing to keep their social skills up to help you solve the behavior problems that inevitably happen during adolescence!

If you're unsure about which puppy class level is right for you, reach out to us, and we’ll help you decide.


Our Beginner level is the perfect class for dogs six months of age and older. Our nationally acclaimed, reward-based training system is the best and fastest way to teach basic commands, as well as create a strong foundation for impulse control, social skills, and teamwork!

Graduates of our Beginner I Class are encouraged to attend Beginner II to advance their dog’s skills.

Beginner II

This class takes the basic commands and creates reliability and duration! We’ll make sure your dog's commands work “No Matter What” as well as emphasizing good manners and dog-to-dog social skills. As always, there will be a Q&A section in every class to help solve behavior problems as they happen.

If you're unsure about which beginner class level is right for you, reach out to us, and we’ll help you decide.


Think of this as prep for the Advanced class.  Instead of working on a 6’ leash, we’ll use much longer ones to teach your dog that no matter how far away you are, he still has to listen! In this level, we also start to introduce the concept of being out of sight for stays, more intricate heeling patterns, and stringing commands together to create reliable sequences of commands. 


Take your dog’s training to the next level! Whether you're looking for the reliability that duration, distance, and distraction training create, or you want off-leash control, or you’d love to try canine sports like agility or nose work, this class lays the off-leash obedience foundation for everything.

Canine Gym

Our Canine Gym classes are more than a workout routine or an obedience class. It’s Fun. Dog. Fitness. The combination of physical and mental exercise is absolutely critical to a well-balanced dog.



ALL puppies and dogs in our PlayCare program are current, in-training students, so we know each and every dog’s personality and temperament! That’s the secret behind how we create perfect playgroups for every dog. Our one-of-a-kind program ensures a safe, fun, and enriching experience for everyone!

Classes for Dogs with Special Challenges

Cautious Canines

This class is for dogs that are shy or fearful (but *not* aggressive) around other dogs and/or humans. We’ll teach you effective exercises to help your dog overcome fear and gain confidence!

The appropriate age for this class is six months or older, and pre-registration is required, as this is a very popular class.

Reactive Rehab

In this class, you'll learn how to handle your dog around other dogs safely and how to teach them skills to manage their behavior (sit, down, come, look, and many more). The process of learning these skills builds their social confidence, strengthens their relationship with you, and decreases their reactivity level.

Therapy Dog Program

Therapy Dog Program

We’re all about giving back to the communities that support us. Since 2007, Kathy Santo Dog Training has provided therapy dog teams to schools, hospitals, and libraries, in addition to providing aftermath support during traumatic and tragic events.

Agility for Fun


We LOVE agility because we love watching dogs and owners become a TEAM! Students love agility because it’s so much FUN! New to the sport? Start with a class to teach your dog all the obstacles. If your dog already has agility skills, take one of our more advanced classes. Email for help choosing the right class.

Virtual Consultations

Virtual Training

Virtual coaching sessions are available for new or current students who cannot come to the school for in-person training! We have students learning to be awesome dog trainers (with awesome dogs) from all over the U.S. *and* other countries.

‘Just Like Home’ Boarding Program

Student Boarding

Whether you need to board for an overnight stay, the weekend, a holiday, or extended care, your dog will have a blast! They’ll play and train with us at school and sleep at a team member’s home (not alone in a kennel run!).



Now your dog never has to miss another day of play and training at the school! We can come pick up and transport your dog in our specially equipped dog transport vehicle with crash proof RTK kennels to the school for PlayCare/FastTrack/Grooming! At the end of the day we can also transport your happy tired pup home as well.

Intensive Board & Train

Intensive Board & Train

We know that families want their dog trained NOW, and that’s why we created this program! Your dog will spend each day playing and training at school, going on field trips, and learning how to behave in many different scenarios. And because your dog sleeps at his trainer’s home (and not in a lonely kennel run!), the training will easily transfer into your home! We’ll meet with you to create a training plan for your unique dogs and needs!

Puppy Boot Camp

Puppy Boot Camp

Our famous Puppy Boot Camp Program is open to puppies between the age of 8 weeks and 6 months. Each day will be spent playing, training, and learning critical socialization skills (with people *and* dogs!). PLUS, because your dog sleeps at his trainer’s home (and not in a lonely kennel run!), we’ll be able to handle housebreaking in a real life setting, so all the training will easily transfer into your home!

Canine Gym

Canine Gym Beginner Skills Class

This is for PUPPY AND BEGINNER DOGS who want to come learn the basic skills needed to participate in our Canine Gym classes….and go home as one TIRED dog!

Canine Gym Class

Our Canine Gym class is more than a workout routine or an obedience class. It’s Fun. Dog. Fitness. The combination of physical and mental exercise is absolutely critical to a well-balanced and TIRED dog!

Vet-Guided Canine Weight Loss

Utilizing a combination of exercise and dietary changes, our veterinarian and a team of fitness-certified trainers will work with your dog to help him reach his ideal weight.

Water Treadmill

AquaPaws SS is a unique underwater treadmill system specifically designed to give dogs the benefits of aquatic therapy for training and conditioning with increased cardio and muscle strengthening, rehab from an injury, general exercise for wellness or weight loss, *and* as an outlet for excess energy!


Furry Fido Brush Out Service

Our Furry Fido Brush Out Service includes a full brush/comb out (because that’s legit the only way to get out excess hair/knots), and a nail trim.

Basic Bubble Bath

Our Basic Bubble Bath includes an awesome bubble bath, brush out, a relaxing body massage, a skin condition assessment, shampoo, conditioner, finishing spray, ear cleaning, and a nail trim! If your dog uses a special or medicated shampoo, bring it in!

Ear Cleaning

Ear cleaning is SUCH an important part of your dog’s grooming needs! We’ll spare you the stories (and pictures!), but suffice it to say that we’ve seen really dirty ears that, without cleaning, would have resulted in redness, irritation, and ultimately infection. For this service, we’ll trim the excess hair and make sure your dog’s ears are squeaky clean.

Teeth Cleaning

You brush your teeth. Your dog needs theirs brushed, too. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, 80% of all dogs develop some sort of dental disease by age *3*. Without proper dental care, they’re prone to plaque build-up and can develop painful dental disease, resulting in infections and tooth extractions. Ouch! We offer teeth brushing services that can be added to your dog’s Grooming, PlayCare, FastTrack, or Boarding stay, to help maximize his dental health and minimize your vet bills!

Seminars & Workshops

Body Language

For humans to effectively communicate, we’ve devised an immense vocabulary, but our dogs are limited to ‘words’ formed by their body parts. Understanding what your dog is saying is extremely important to prevent bites, fights, and miscommunications between dogs and humans, and dogs and dogs.

Dog Park Class

We’ll teach you how to read your dog’s body language in real time, so you’ll understand when a dog wants more interaction, and when he’s saying “No, thank you!” Knowing those signals gives you the ability to interrupt bad play, and encourage good, healthy interactions.

Registration is required, and groups are formed based on sizes and play styles to ensure the best social climate for the dogs!

Multiple Dog Household

Thinking of getting another dog? Or, do you already have more than one? We’ll teach you our tried-and-true system for creating harmony in a multi dog household! We’ll help you manage the dogs you have, and give you best ‘practice ideas’ before you get your next!

Ask the Vet Nutrition Seminars

We believe in staying in our lane, and although we know A LOT, when it comes to a deep-dive into nutrition, we ask our awesome veterinarians for advice. We’ll bring the vet, you bring the questions.

This is a live, ONLINE class.


One of the best ways to have fun with your puppy, create a strong bond, AND give him a brain and body workout is to focus on one of the most underappreciated assets that he has: His incredible nose! Join us for a fun and interactive class, where we teach you and your puppy how to unlock the power of the nose.

*This class is available LIVE and ONLINE

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