K9Grass PlayYard

We are open!

June 29th Update: The K9 Grass Has Been Officially Installed!

What’s better than a 13,000 sq ft indoor training and playing facility? A 13,000 sq ft. facility that ALSO has a 2500 sq foot OUTDOOR play and train area! K9Grass is being installed this week and we are so excited to have you see it!

Here’s more information on K9Grass:

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Our outdoor PlayYard will be AMAZING!! IF the weather is beautiful. And some may ask….

What happens if:
– It’s too hot?
– Or rainy?
– Or cold?

No worries. We just happen to have 13,000 sq foot PlayFloor, so the party can always move inside, if needed!

To read more about our PlayCare program:

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