A Shared Passion For
Seeing Dogs Thrive

Since 1984, Kathy Santo Dog Training has been dedicated to helping individuals and families enjoy better relationships with their dogs.

Tens of thousands of dogs and their humans have benefited from our program’s unique and fun-filled approach to training, both online and in person. We believe that learning is a lifelong process for both humans and their dogs. So we make sure our program is accessible and convenient for dog lovers!

We’re proud of the effectiveness of the Kathy Santo training method. And we’re even prouder of the number of current and former students who keep coming back for more. As a Kathy Santo Dog Training graduate, you become part of our dog training family!

We’re available 24/7, so if you have a problem that needs an immediate answer, you can call us for a solution. Contact us today to get started on training your dog!

Owner | Head Trainer

Kathy Santo

In The Media

A Podcast by Kathy Santo

Because her goal is to reach as many puppy and dog owners as possible with effective, relationship-building training advice, Kathy launched a podcast, ‘Dog Sense with Kathy Santo’ in April of 2021. Her co-host is Sarah Bayles, one of Kathy’s trainers who is establishing a Kathy Santo Dog Training location in Fort Collins, CO.


Online Training Programs

Kathy Santo Dog Training has been a leader in virtual training. Kathy offers multiple online training courses with the primary goal of helping dog owners who can’t attend her in-school sessions, yet still require effective, fun, and relationship-building training. Her online offerings helped her students in NJ, throughout the US, and internationally during the pandemic, as it ensured her students continued to receive the training that they (and their puppies and dogs!) needed during an extremely difficult time.



Competitive Titles

Kathy has earned the prestigious “Obedience Trial Champion” title several times over and has competed in AKC trials at the national level for more than a decade.

Meet the Team

Trainer | Therapy Dog Program Director

Stacey Samela


Head Trainer | Assistant GM

Lauren Tobin


KSDT Colorado Dog Trainer | Social Media

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