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What Is “Enrichment”?


Enrichment Games

In addition to play groups, PlayCare+ dogs will participate in weekly themed and structured games that allow them to use (or develop!) their instincts, skills, and physical abilities during these purposeful play sessions.

PlayCare+ Frequently Asked Questions

Sessions are 15 minutes each, and are $25.00.

Themes will be changed weekly. A few examples are:

  • Manners Week: The focus will be on fun ways to reinforce basic commands during walk time, playtime, and in between time.
  • Water Week: Games will include bobbing for treats, water treadmill, and sprinkler games.
  • Scent Week: Dogs will harness the power of their noses and explore new scents AND go on a cookie hunt!
  • Puzzle Week: What’s better than being handed a cookie? For dogs, it’s *working* for a cookie. We’ll create opportunities for them to satisfy that part of their brains!
  • Agility Week: This week is all about basic agility skills and a super fun mini course!
  • Fitness Week: We’ll have so much fun working on FitPaws equipment Trick Week: Who doesn’t love a trick? We’ll start teaching your dog a super fun one.
  • Maze Week: We’ll create mazes that teach dogs to think outside the box and to persevere!
  • And so much more!

Sign up through your ProPet account is required. PlayCare+ is an add-on to PlayCare.

ALL AGES of puppies and dogs will benefit from these activities.

PlayCare+ counts towards the two week training policy requirement once your dog reaches Advanced level in obedience.

Spots are limited, so sign up as soon as possible. You can pre-book days as well.

No training reports will be given for PlayCare+, but check our social media pages for pictures! (Please note that we can't promise every dog will make every picture!)

Yes! Every day and any day.

If he hadn’t mastered the skills being taught, we would revisit them again in a fun and exciting way. If he had, then we would level up the activities to keep him up excited and challenged!

His day will be the same as it always is: Lots of potty breaks, playgroups with friends, and the all important nap time.

Absolutely. Our FastTrack program is available to everyone.

You can do that! Just check BOTH boxes in your ProPet account.

Yes! Each activity will be customized for your dog’s unique needs.