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Whether you need to board for one night, one weekend, or longer, your canine best friend will spend their days with their KSDT family!

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About Our Program

Boarding Service Types

Puppy Bootcamp

Our famous Puppy Boot Camp Program is open to puppies between the age of 8 weeks and 6 months. Each day will be spent playing, training, and learning critical socialization skills (with people *and* dogs!).

Pricing: $360 p/day


Student Boarding

Whether you need to board for an overnight stay, the weekend, a holiday, or extended care, your dog will have a blast! They’ll play and train with us at school & sleep at a team member’s home.

Pricing: $100 p/day


Intensive Board & Train

An effective way to achieve LASTING results FAST because in our program, your dog lives with a trainer!

Pricing: $320 p/day


What sets our boarding services apart from others?

24/7 supervision by a trained dog professional in a HOME environment

Play, exercise, and enrichment customized to your dog’s needs

Relaxation games to help your dog be calm and REST!

Lots of toys for your dog’s specific personality so they can have fun SAFELY

“Part of the family” perks: Whether we’re going for a walk or a hike, or chilling out in the house or the backyard, your dog is, too!

New friends, new experiences, more confidence

Daily walks means your dog will potty ‘outside’ vs in a kennel run

Frequent boarding updates

Administration of any and all medications or supplements that your dog needs

5 Things You Should Know About KSDT's Board and Train Programs

They’re amazing (check out our Google reviews 🤩), but only when it’s the right fit.

Which is why we work with you during the initial consultation to determine whether boarding and training is actually what will work best, or if another of our programs is a better option (at this time) for you and your dog.

When it comes to program suitability, we consider not just your training goals, but also your dog’s individual behavior profile, challenges, your home environment, family/relationship dynamics, your own personal outlook on training & behavior, and more.

We want you and your dog to have a positive, productive experience with us, and that can only happen if we choose one of our programs that’s best suited to your goals, your dog, and your unique circumstances.

Your involvement is required.

These programs are not structured like a traditional “boot camp”, where owner instruction is often limited or not provided at all. Instead, the included coaching for you begins before camp, and continues long after your dog goes back home. Our goal is to help you create lasting behavior change, in a way that protects and enhances their dog’s long-term behavioral health. That takes time and significant, ongoing involvement from you.

We move at your dog’s pace.

Our goal is to help your dog make as much progress as possible toward your goals while he or she is with us. But we won’t add more pressure to your dog or force them into situations or circumstances they aren’t ready for, in an attempt to meet expectations about how fast your dog “should” learn. That’s why we provide extensive opportunities for post-camp support via private lessons and group classes.

We want you to understand your dog better.

Our goal is not only to make progress toward your goals, but to help you learn a lot about your dog in the process. As your trainer communicates with you, and as you participate in post-camp training sessions, you’ll gain invaluable insights into your dog’s learning style, their strengths, their challenges, and how they perceive the world around them.

We train and problem-solve using a team-based approach.

Our trainers communicate regularly with each other as well as with our PlayCare team. We discuss each dog’s program goals, and collaborate to best achieve them.


Nervous and Fearful Dogs


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