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Let us jump start your dog’s training so you can enjoy a dog that everyone loves to have around!

FastTrack Frequently Asked Questions

We can make faster progress because we’ve been training dogs for 30+ years. We help your dog through the learning process without the confusion and frustration that they sometimes feel when their owner is training them.

Absolutely. Our program is designed to progress your dog’s training faster, enrich and advance his social skills, and provide a safe and fun outlet for his excess energy in a supervised environment. It is not meant to replace the training you do 1-1 at home or at our school during class.

Your dog will respond to YOU (not just us), because we teach YOU how to maintain all the progress we’ve made. PLUS, because your dog is at our facility all day, he’s interacting with our entire staff, which means he’s learning to respond to other people’s commands. That’s a big help when you have kids, a spouse, a dog walker, and houseguests all needing the dog to "listen" to a command.

Within 24 hours of your dog’s FT experience you’ll receive a full report on what we focused on in our session, how your dog did, and what you need to work on to keep the progress moving forward. If you need lesson sheets or have any questions, we’re here for you day or night!

YES! We offer packages ranging from 5-packs to 30-packs of FastTrack sessions. You can learn more about all the packages we offer by visiting our Pricing page.

We recommend 2-3 FastTrack sessions per week to see the most progress in a faster time period.

Yes! Coming to class once per week is essential to solidifying your dogs training progress. It also allows us to watch your mechanics and coach you through areas that you may miss at home.

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KSDT Academy

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Our new PlayCare+ is an add on to our regular PlayCare program, and offers individualized enrichment activities and training options.

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