How to Feed Your Dog

Hello everyone and welcome back to a new episode of Dog Sense!

Sarah and I are back, and today, we're discussing something pretty important: How to feed your dog!

No, we don't mean what food to give your dog, or what vitamins they need. We're leaving that kind of advice to your vet.

Instead, today, we're talking about how you can leverage feeding time to train your dog.

Yes, because simply putting your dog's food in his bowl and letting him chow down on it is doing you both a disservice!


We explain in this episode, so tune in now to find out!

How Your Dog’s Bowl Is Ruining His Training

Telling people that dog bowls can ruin training might be a bit controversial, but it is true. Of course, most dogs love their bowls. In fact, your dog might love his bowl more than yours. Yes everyone, everything is competition. 

This is why it’s on you to decide when, where, and how that bowl is used throughout the day. Doing that will help you use the value your dog puts on his food to train him.

If you’ve had your dog for a while, then you’ve probably noticed how excited he gets when he sees you taking out his bowl. For him, the bowl equals food time, and as we’ve already established, most dogs are food-motivated.

You have to build on that, so much so that when your dog sees you with the bowl, he gets excited because the food and training are coming from you.

What can you do to achieve that? Sarah and I share our techniques in the episode above, so make sure to tune in to find out!