How To Handle Crate Rest

Hello everyone, and welcome back to a brand new episode of Dog Sense!

Today, Sarah and I will be discussing something every dog owner should be knowledgeable about: How to handle crate rest.

Sometimes, your dog or puppy is put on crate rest by your vet, usually because of an injury or surgery, etc...  Think of it as bed rest, but for your canine best friend!

When some dog owners hear that, they panic a bit. “How am I going to put my super active eight-month old puppy on crate rest?!” they ask?

Well, this is exactly what Sarah and I discuss in today's episode!

So, if you want to learn the answer, tune in to the episode above now!

Crate Rest: What You Should Do

  1. Take crate rest seriously. Your dog has been prescribed crate rest because he needs to use that time to heal, so make sure to follow the vet’s orders!
  2. Make sure your dog is crate-trained. This way, crate rest will go smoothly.
  3. Use frozen food puzzle toys! They’re a great way to keep your dog occupied and entertained while on crate rest.
  4. Do some nose targeting work. Your dog won’t have to move much, and it’s a great way to teach him some fun tricks. Plus, you’ll get to bond together, even when your dog is on crate rest, so really, what’s not to love?
  5. Play games with your dog. We share a number of fun games you can play with your dog while he’s on crate rest in the episode above, so give it a listen to find out about our favorite games!
  6. Teach your dog to smile for the camera. Yes, it might not work, but it can still make for some pretty hilarious pictures.
  7. Play impulse control games, they’re a great way to teach your dog patience.
  8. Teach your dog to speak. Sure, he might not be able to form sentences like Scooby-Doo, but it’s still fun to try! 

Using these tips when your dog is on crate rest will ensure both of you will have the time of your lives, even if you’re not out on amazing adventure walks.

What are your crate rest tips and tricks? Let us know in the comments below!