How To Help Your Dog Love Their Crate

 Hello everyone, and welcome back to a brand new episode of Dog Sense!

Today, Sarah and I are joined by a very special guest - Lauren Tobin, who is our head trainer at the school! We're super excited to have her back on the show.

Today’s topic is one that we talk about all the time: How to get your dog (or puppy) to love his crate!

And (good news alert!) most of the time, there’s an easy fix. And just two of the many reasons are: Maybe the type of crate you’re using isn't the right one for him, or maybe it’s not located in the ideal spot to promote relaxation! 

“But Kathy”, you may ask, “WHY does my dog even NEED a crate?”

We’re asked this question every single day by new students at our school, and our answer is that having a crate is incredibly useful for many reasons. And that’s what we’ll be talking about in today’s episode.

Plus (if you do it right), putting your dog in a crate can actually be a positive experience for him! Sometimes, it's the best way to help him chill out if he’s too cranked up. And your veterinarian will agree that it’s the best way to help him recover if he’s had an injury or surgery.

So, tune in to learn our top tips and tricks on how to get your puppy (or dog ) to LOVE his crate!

How to Make Your Dog Love His Crate

If you have a dog who doesn’t think his crate is the best room in the house, then you might be wondering how to change that. Lucky for you, we're here to help!

Here are a few things you can do to make your canine best friend LOVE his crate:

  • Make sure you choose the right crate.
  • When it comes to bedding inside the crate, go with what your dog wants, not what you want. Choose the right location for the crate! Yes guys, there are right and wrong spots for crates!
  • Don't restrict the use of the crate to nighttime only. 

We share even more tips in the episode above, so make sure you tune in.