How to Make Your Dog Love His Bath

Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of Dog Sense! 

Today's topic is something you're going to love (but your dog may not!), and that's bath time!! 

Yes friends, the dreaded bath time.

Does your dog run away every time he sniffs even a hint of shampoo? 

Does he stand there hating his life while you're trying to get him as clean as possible, as quickly as possible?

Well then, you're in the right place, because Sarah and I have got some amazing tricks for you. 

Once you start using these tricks, not only will your dog tolerate bath time, he may one day even love it!

So, are you ready?

Let's dive in!

Here’s How to Make Your Dog Love Bath Time…

If your dog doesn’t like taking a bath, here are a few of our best tricks you can use to make him tolerate bath time (or maybe even love it!)

Have someone help you: Ask someone to help you hold your dog while you're giving him a bath so you can get done faster. 

Use treats: High-value treats are a great way to get your dog to tolerate his bath time, so make sure to give him something he likes while you’re getting him cleaned up. 

Don’t use bath time tools just for bath time: And by this, we mean don’t have the things you use for your dog’s bath show up just during bath time. For example, you can put the shampoo bottle next to his bowl when you’re feeding him or take it on a walk with you (don’t worry about being the neighborhood weirdo, walking your dog with a shampoo bottle….we’ve all been there).

Take it easy: Making your dog love his bath takes time, so take it easy. If you don’t manage to get him to stay in the tub those first few tries, it’s okay. Try again, extending the duration a bit more every time (but without pushing too much).

We discuss all of this in more depth and share tips on how to give your puppy his first bath in today’s episode. So, if you’d like to learn more, make sure to watch the video above!