Is It Time for a Dog Park Class?

Hello everyone, and welcome back to a brand new episode of Dog Sense!

Today, Sarah and I are again joined by the super talented Nikki, who is one of the amazing trainers at our school.

This week, we'll be discussing a super cool class we do in our NJ location: Dog Park Class!

Why a dog park ‘class’, you ask?

Well, as you’ll learn in this episode, we're not big fans of dog parks.

But our dog park classes are a way to help educate owners about what good play looks like and teach dogs how to properly play and socialize with each other in a safe environment.

How does our dog park class work?

Come and find out!

Does Your Dog Need To Join A Dog Park Class?

Does your dog struggle socializing with other dogs? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. Many dogs find it challenging for a variety of reasons, and many owners struggle to understand exactly what their dogs are saying (to them and to other dogs!). A tail wag does NOT always mean a happy dog! And without a solid foundation and fluency in dog body language, it’s really hard to keep your dog safe!

Before we get into it, we must first acknowledge that dogs are not always in the mood to play, even when their owners think they should be. And your needing a social media worthy video of your dog playing doesn’t matter to him. If he doesn’t want to play, “No” means “No”. And then you need to understand the “why” behind that “No”.

THAT’S why we teach Dog Park Classes. To give our students an understanding of (and ultimate fluency in) dog body language. There are so many ways dogs physically convey what they’re feeling, and if you don’t understand what you’re looking at, you won’t be prepared for what could happen. 

And some dogs have a hard time interpreting canine body language, which is where YOU come in. Sometimes you have to interrupt and redirect a dog during play when they don’t realize that they’re being overwhelming to their dog friend. 

That's where our Dog Park Class comes in.

Dog park classes are designed as educational play sessions with other dogs but in a safer, supervised environment than a public dog park. Our goal is to empower owners with a better understanding of what dogs are saying AND to match dogs with appropriate playmates in order to have the safest and most fun play session ever.

Tune in, and Sarah, Nikki, and I will tell you all about our unique twist on traditional (and sometimes scary!) dog parks. And share our best tips and tricks to make sure your dog’s play dates are drama-free!