Jumping Solutions

Hello everyone and welcome back to a brand new episode of Dog Sense! Yayyy!!

Today, Sarah and I (plus Nikki, a trainer in our school AND our guest for today) will be discussing something every dog owner should know: How to stop your dog from jumping at people (and you) when greeting them.

If you've ever had a dog jump on you and you weren’t expecting it (or wanting it!), no matter the size of the dog, especially a big one, it can be a pretty... “overwhelming” experience is the word we'll use here!

Plus, not jumping on people is Basic Manners 101! Every puppy and dog should be taught not just what NOT to do (jump on people without being invited), but also what TO do (so they can earn awesome rewards🥰). 

Now SOME people may say “Oh I don’t mind if your dog jumps on me. I love it!”  But that doesn’t help you solve the problem. Because if your dog jumps on someone and knocks them down, or your puppy puts muddy paw prints on someone’s clothes, it can be an issue.

So, how do you teach your dog that jumping on people to say hi is a big no no?

Tune in now to find out!

Why Do Dogs Jump?

If you’ve ever asked yourself why some dogs jump when they want to say hello, then you’re not alone. In fact, you’re actually one of the many dog owners struggling with the issue.

What you first have to understand before you start to fix the problem is why do dogs jump? After all, dogs don’t come to us already knowing how to jump on people for attention. So, what happened? The answer is: You happened! Yes, believe it or not, dog owners play a big role in their dog’s behavior. *GASP*, who would have known?!

Think about it, when your dog was a puppy and jumped on you, what did you do? More likely than not, you gave him pets and cuddles, because puppies are cute, and few people can resist them. Doing so made your puppy think jumping on you equals snuggles and scritches and FUN!

So the first thing you want to do is train the concept of ‘no jumping’ the first day your puppy or dogs comes home.  The next question you probably have is “How do I teach my pup to stop jumping OR not to learn how in the first place?” 

All that and more is what we cover in the episode above, so make sure to tune in!