Everything You Need to Know About Puppy Fitness

Hello everyone, Kathy and Sarah here! 

We're back with another super fun episode of Dog Sense.

Are you excited? Because we are!!

And, guess what? 

We are once again joined by the amazing Nikki, so you already know it's going to be a great episode!

Today, the three of us will be discussing puppy fitness, or, as one of my students calls it, "pumping iron for puppies.”

Puppy fitness classes are always fun, and they help give pups a sense of accomplishment by doing something new with their owners. Plus, they're also suuuuuper important for your puppy's physical health.

So, how can you introduce puppy fitness exercises to your canine best friend's routine?

Give this episode a listen to find out.

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Let's dive in!

Why We LOVE Puppy Fitness

Here at Dog Sense, we love puppy fitness classes. They’re genuinely some of the most fun classes that we teach. They’re also a great way to help puppies feel a sense of accomplishment, give them a boost of confidence, and encourage stronger proprioception skills.

So, not only are these classes amazing for puppies mentally, they’re also the perfect way to strengthen their little bodies!

For example, so many people struggle with getting their dogs in the car or up and down the stairs. But puppy fitness is a great remedy for that, because it helps dogs learn how to use their bodies efficiently.

Plus, you know what’s even better?

You can start puppy fitness classes right now, at home! Just make sure to listen to the episode above first, because we share a bunch of at-home classes tips and tricks.