Trainer Roundtable Q&A Session

Hello everyone, and welcome back to a brand new episode of Dog Sense! 

Today's episode is a suuuuuper special one.

Why is that?

Because .... Drum roll please! It's our first ever Q & A session!!!

It's Sarah and my first ever Q & A episode featuring ALL THE NJ KSDT SENIOR TRAINERS!!!

Yes friends, you've asked and we listened!

We’re so excited to showcase all of their training knowledge, expertise, and PASSION for dogs *and* our training system.

Are you ready?

Let's dive in! 

Question #1: Is my puppy's biting normal? 

First of all, there’s something you need to know: If your puppy is biting, we have good news for you: It’s normal! Asking if puppy biting is abnormal is similar to asking a therapist why your toddler has a meltdown any time you don’t give them what they want. It’s just…..nature.  But we do have ways to control it. 

If you’re still not sure whether your puppy’s biting is normal, take a video. We love when our students can show us videos of the challenges they’re dealing with.  It helps us have the opportunity to really see what’s actually happening. 

Plus, it’s always good to have a trainer’s set of eyes on dog behavior challenges. So, if you ever see anything….’odd’…going on with your canine best friend, make sure to take a video and send it to a trusted trainer who can help you!

Question #2: Help, my dog doesn’t eat consistently! What can I do?

Unless there’s a medical issue, here at Dog Sense, we think dogs should have meals either once or twice a day (puppies typically eat three times a day until approximately 4 months of age). And reminder - we LOVE using their meals for training treats, but if you can’t train, at least put it in some kind of puzzle/enrichment so your dog’s brain gets a workout! 

Of course, check with your vet to be sure they’re on board with the plan AND that they can confirm that a health issue isn't an underlying reason as to why he or she isn’t interested in meals.

Question #3: At what age will my dog stop sleeping in her crate at night?

This question is a bit more tricky than the first two, so, if you want our full answer, make sure to watch the episode above. Trust us, it's worth it!