Why You Should Teach Your Dog Doorway Protocols

Hello everyone, Sarah and Kathy here! 

And today, we're back with another amaaazing episode of Dog Sense.

What are we discussing, you ask? 

Well, today, Sarah and I are talking about .... drum rolls please .... doorway protocols!

Does your dog go running towards the door whenever you open it? 

Does he not understand that sliding your glass door open is NOT an invitation to run outside? 

If you've answered "yes" and "YES!!!" to both questions, then your dog needs to learn doorway protocols. 

Are you ready for this?

Let's dive in! 

What Are Doorways Protocols?

Before we share with you the three different versions of our doorway protocols, let’s discuss what doorway protocols are.

To successfully train your dog to do anything, you need to be able to define exactly what you want them to do and WHERE they’re expected to do it. So let’s start with what we consider to be a doorway that requires this protocol.

As Sarah says in the episode above, a doorway can be any door that leads outside, from your house’s gate to your garage door to your car door — yes, you need a doorway protocol for car doors too —.

“So what’s a doorway protocol, Kathy?”

Simply put, it’s your dog’s understanding of what he should do when a door opens. 

The biggest reason you need a doorway protocol is safety. A well-trained dog won’t run away as soon as you (or anyone!) open the door to your house. He also won’t jump into the middle of the road/parking lot to chase a squirrel and get into an accident when you open your car door.

Doorway protocols are essential for your dog’s safety. So, how can you teach them to your canine best friend?

Sarah and I discuss exactly that in the episode above, so make sure to tune in!