Your Dog's Bucket

Hello everyone and welcome back to a brand-new episode of Dog Sense!

Let me ask you a question: Do you have any idea what your dog’s emotional bucket is? Or how big it is? 

Throughout the day, things can fill a dog's bucket, and left unchecked, this can result in him doing something out of character.

Just like people, a dog’s emotional wellbeing plays a lot in how they react to things. So, if your dog is suddenly cranky, ask yourself: How full is my dog's bucket?

Sarah and I discuss this and more in this week's episode, so tune in now to learn more about the super important topic of Emotional Buckets!

What Fills Your Dog’s Bucket?

When your dog is super cranky/oppositional and over cranked, more often than not, his bucket is full. And that’s important for you to know, because if your dog had a long day with a lot of stimulation (positive and/or negative!) and does something out of character (maybe he tries to bite you when you move him away from the door), then his day may be the reason he made that very bad decision! Which isn’t an EXCUSE, but it’s something to be AWARE of!

There’s a lot of things that can fill your dog’s bucket. Fun and exciting things, stressful and scary things, annoying and frustrating things, etc… Every little event can play a role in filling or emptying that bucket. 

And so, knowing what can affect your canine best friend’s day and fill his bucket is crucial because it helps you know when and how to drain the bucket!

Sarah and I discuss techniques we use in the episode above!