May 2022 Policy Change Announcement

PlayCare 'Actively Training' Policy

To remain eligible for Kathy Santo Dog Training's PlayCare program, you and your dog must have attended group classes, a 1-1 private lesson, or alternatively, your dog needs to receive training in our FastTrack program within the last 14 days.  This policy is for the safety of your dog and the other dogs to ensure all PlayCare dogs can safely socialize with the other dogs in the Program.


Cancellation Policy:
Due to incredibly high demand, we recently sent out a notice that our FastTrack program will have limited availability with a waitlist for those who are unable to book via their student portal accounts. 

For this reason, FastTrack cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will receive a partial (50%) refund.

60 Minute FastTrack:
60 minute FastTrack sessions are no longer available for purchase. For those who have previously purchased these packages, don’t worry! You’ll still be able to book this service until you have used your balance.

30 Minute FastTrack packages (and individual) will still be available for purchase via the student portal.

Specialty Group Class & Workshops

Cancellation Policy:
Our specialty classes and workshops are incredibly popular, and are fully booked soon after they’re announced. We do have a waitlist, but when students don’t show up for a class (without canceling), waitlist people miss an opportunity to attend. 

For that reason, cancellations with less than 24 hours notice (of the class date and time) will NOT be refunded.

Student Boarding Policy

Student boarding is reserved only for CURRENT students who are actively training (i.e. you and your dog have participated in training within the last two weeks via virtual private lessons or classes, in-person private lessons or group classes, phone consults, or FastTrack). We cannot accept requests from non-current students. For more information on how to become a student, click here.

Requests for standard boarding are accepted up to 60 days in advance via our student portal. Please note, because our boarding program is dependent on each team member's schedule and any space limitations within their homes, we, sadly, cannot accommodate every request that is received (even for those submitted right at the beginning of the 60 day request window).

If your dog has not attended training within the last two weeks when they arrive for boarding, the training requirement during their stay will be doubled. Please make sure you understand this policy before submitting your requested dates.