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How To Stay Safe on Halloween
Halloween is super fun for kids and their families. But for dogs, it can be a nightmare! Here are 9 tips to make sure your dog’s (and your!!) Halloween isn’t spooky: 1. Candy Is NOT For Pets. All forms of...
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Can dogs have ‘Back To School’ Blues?

My son just went off to college, leaving my husband and I with his five year-old dog. It’s only been two days, but I can see that the dog is very depressed that he’s gone. Actually, we all are. What can I do to cheer him up?

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10 Things To Teach Your Puppy

These are my “must do’s” with every puppy that comes into my life, and into my student’s lives.  It was really, really HARD to just pick 10, so I may have to throw a bonus in at the end….

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