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Top 8 Lost Dog Prevention Tips
July is National Lost Pet Prevention Month! Here are a few tips to ensure your four-legged family member’s safety:   1. Make sure his IDs and microchips have the most up-to-date information. That way, when your dog is found, someone can contact...
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Underwater Treadmill – Coming Soon!
AquaPaws SS is a unique underwater treadmill system specifically designed to give dogs the benefits of aquatic therapy for training and conditioning with increased cardio and muscle strengthening, rehab from injury, and general exercise for wellness and weight loss. WHY...
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K9Grass PlayYard
We are open! June 29th Update: The K9 Grass Has Been Officially Installed! What’s better than a 13,000 sq ft indoor training and playing facility? A 13,000 sq ft. facility that ALSO has a 2500 sq foot OUTDOOR play and train area!...
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