Dog Health - Canine Fitness Exercises

Hello everyone, and welcome back to a brand new episode of Dog Sense.

Today's episode is slightly different, because, DRUMROLL, we have a guest joining us!!

Yes guys, this is our first Dog Sense guest, and I am soooo excited for you to meet her!

Our guest is none other than the brilliant Lauren Dolan, a head trainer at my New Jersey school.

Just like Sarah and me, Lauren is a certified canine athlete specialist (CCAS). And today, we'll be discussing something suuuuper important: Canine fitness.

We'll also be talking about canine gym exercises (yes, dogs CAN go to the gym too) and some beginner exercises you can use to keep your best friend healthy!

So, if this sounds like your cup of tea (like I know it does), tune in now!

Canine Gym Exercises

  1. Paws Up: One of the easiest exercises, you can teach your dog or puppy to do “Paws Up”. You can also use this one exercise and add a few more variations to it, in order to make it a bit more challenging for medium-level dogs.
  2. Pivots: Pivots and rotation exercises are a great way to add strength to your best friend’s rear, and also teach him some rear-end awareness. 
  3. Pick-up sticks: Pick-up stick exercises can help sharpen your dog’s peripheral vision. Just make sure to start slow before moving to something more complex.

We discuss more about these exercises and the benefits of canine gym in today’s episode, so give the episode above a listen for a more in-depth look at canine fitness.